Manage Clients

We are offering a coaching business platform that enables you to view all your client’s information through one easy-to-navigate screen and your relationship with client will grow significantly. Coaching Logic is an impeccable place for an individual to small & medium coaching business as our portal provides elegant and hassle-free client management software and coaching management software that ease the process of managing different client at one place. Our portal gives you the opportunity to manage your clients in an organized way from any corner of the world at any time.

Our portal also propose different functions like track setup goal for clients, add assignments for a client, create notes, sessions etc. makes sure you never miss any chances. Due to holistic features of our portal, it gratifies us to boast that we are a one-stop portal for all your project management solutions as well. Our robust features of client dashboard help you to create a good impression on your client and your client always get the feeling of taken care.