As a technology growing day by day, people from different countries are gathering together. Technology has opened up ways for online coaching. People can take the best coaching from any corner of the world. Online coaching has the advantage that client receives customize coaching sessions that work for client’s goal only but another important difference is coaches is not standing next to you.

Online coaching can be vital and time-efficient for few clients, others may prefer having face to face communication. Online coaching has both pros and cons. From below list you can find out what works best for you:


1.Easy Access to Millions of Coaches
As an internet is accessible worldwide today, many online life coaches offers online coaching. These allow billions of clients to access coaches contemporaneously anywhere in the world. Though having a different time zone, you can get passionate coaches who can accomplish your goals.

Sometimes personal face to face coaching becomes harder and quite expensive. Also if coaches are reputable then there is a possibility that they increase their prices. You have multiple options to select best coaches within your budget price from around the world, so your ships afloat without any hassle.

3.Constant support
Many coaches provide ongoing support to their clients that help them to access coaching any time after completion of the coaching session. Coaches able to provide ongoing support via email or text. Personal coaches provide all another facility with extra charges.

4.Liberty of time & Location
This is the key to online coaching. Clients can select their convenient time and place for the coaching. Online coaching is suitable for those clients who are frequently traveling or work unconventional hours. Clients can take coaching from their home, office etc. without wasting their travelling time, gas etc.

5.Multimedia format
Coaches can provide multimedia formatted materials like CD/DVD, online presentation, animations and many more other formats.


1.Impact of Face to face coaching
It’s true that you can’t get the similar impact on face 2 face coaching in online coaching. You will not be finding out similar coaching persons that can help you in certain tasks. Of course you can do online chat but you won’t feel the same feeling like traditional approach. You can’t develop teamwork and leadership quality in online coaching.

2.Communication gap
There might be issues with communication difference due to the language difference. Face 2 face communications also offer better understanding through body language, facial expressions and gestures.

Sometimes few clients require external motivation to complete their goals. Online coaching is lack of external motivation. Online coaching is favourable for those who found their intrinsic motivation in life and following their prepared plan.


Online coaching is growing rapidly into internet era and once you use the technology, clients will find it more effective tool. Online coaching can be a valuable asset for an individual as well as organizations.