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How to Create an Agenda to Attain your Goal

Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali quoted “What keeps me going are goals”. Many people don’t have goals about their life, work, money etc. and they are not able to achieve success. Every successful person, group, industry or government has set some goal to achieve and work...

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QML24 is retiring

Introducing Coaching Logic. We've rebranded QML24 and created a whole new better application. Based on the feedback we received from our original application we did a complete redesign and can now proudly introduce Coaching Logic. If you want to see what's new take a...

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QML24 new features coming soon!

Working with QML24 some new features were asked for and will be implemented soonest possible! New Features: As a coach you will be able to add top three goals on the client screen Keep your client even more accountable Define a project for your clients As a coach you...

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