Auxilium Global Services has launched a new initiative, QML24 a web based coaching business platform, which will make the life of our coaches and business academies easier.

QML24 – is the platform for the integral development and coaching of people and companies. QML24 – Quality Management Library and is available 24 hours a day.


  • Plan and document projects for your coaching clients
  • Sharing documents and measure progress with your clients
  • An easy platform for coaches and consultants
  • See the status of your coaching
  • Track your coaching sessions and know when your next session is scheduled
  • Use the graphical tree to see your action history

With QML24 you have a simple and powerful approach to reinforce your coaching clients, measure their successes and improve their organizations.QML24 delivering professional & effective coaching services. Our vision is to raise the models of coaching and mentoring in the business. Our objective is to help you increase the value of your clients in a more proactive manner.